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Mindful nomads manifesto

We live by the belief that the inside creates the outside and that our energy is our most valuable resource.


We have something within that brings us together - a call for a meaningful life. A spark of awareness that knows we are not supposed to settle.


We are not interested in “keeping up” with the fast pace of the rest of the world by being more productive and pressuring ourselves.


Our paths towards a more intentional life have been ignited through deep self-discovery and practices like meditation, yoga and breathwork have transformed our lives.


We have found intuition and trust through healing and mind-body connection.


We believe that our fullest potential will unfold with the pace that its meant to unfold but we leap forward to take action that feels right.


We embrace change and inner shifts


We believe that conscious and purpose-driven people can shift this planet forward .by creating from a space of love.


We believe in the power of now.

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