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Dive Deeper with Minoma: An exclusive curated online journey of self-discovery and business elevation to step into the New Paradigm.


Imagine getting so much closer to aligning your business with your soul's purpose, fostering deep connections with like-minded nomads, and unlocking your full potential for self-discovery through themed months and expert insights!

MINOMA makes it possible through bringing in Experts on IFS, Conscious Embodiment, Human Design, Manifestation and Money Energetics for magnetic inspiration and through hosting MINOMA Sessions for integration. 

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Each month an Inspiration session is followed by an emodied Integration session 



Masterclasses and Live Q&A's


Group mindfulness and workbook reflections 

Monthly Themes & Sample Program

May: Self-Compassion

  • Expert Session: IFS Session with Kasia - Transform your Relationship with your inner Critic

  • Minoma Sharing: Befriending the Inner Dialogue for High-Performers


How to join

Limited  Time Offer!

The Journey starts June 1st! Join the waitlist now to get 20% off (limited spots). 
Choose your path:
  • Membership Premium

    Every month
    For Minoma Alumni
    • Access to all sessions: 1xExpert, 1xMinoma session per month
    • Session recordings (lifetime access)
    • Workbooks
    • Bi-weekly Newsletter
    • Access to WhatsApp Community
    • Resources - location guides etc
    • Discount to MINOMA events
    • Access to Mentors and their exclusive discounts
unique sceenery in nature to relax and find your inner peace




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Why Minoma?

  • Proven Track Record: Over 5 years of experience guiding mindful nomads through transformations.

  • World-Class Network: We connect with renowned experts in mindfulness and conscious entrepreneurship.

  • Featured in Top Nomad Publications: About Abroad, Bucketlist Bri, Nomadx, Digital Nomads Daily.


Join our community of mindful nomads & conscious entrepreneurs 

Want to give an expert session in our Membership? 

Reap the Rewards

Unleash Your Inner Wisdom


Peel back layers of conditioning and access the limitless potential within.

Cultivate Holistic Wellbeing:


Learn to regulate your nervous system and create a foundation for optimal health and vitality.

Master Human Design

Deepen your understanding of this powerful tool for self-discovery and unlock your unique blueprint for success.

Find Your Tribe

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your journey towards mindful living.

Empower Your Business


Align your time, systems, team, and structures with your authentic frequency, creating a fulfilling and prosperous venture.

Exclusive Content


Learn from renowned experts unavailable anywhere else.


Is this program only for experienced entrepreneurs?

  • No! Minoma welcomes mindful nomads at all stages of their business journey, from those with a budding idea to those ready to scale.


What if I can't attend the live sessions?

  • Don't worry! All sessions are recorded, and you'll have lifetime access to the recordings and accompanying workbooks.

Will this program help me with connecting with other Experts or topics not mentioned in the program?

  • The program covers a wide range of topics relevant to mindful entrepreneurship. Check out the monthly themes and sample sessions, or contact us for a personalized consultation/connection. 


What makes the Minoma community different?

  • Our community is built on shared values of mindfulness, growth, and conscious living. You'll connect with supportive and inspiring individuals who understand your unique journey.


What if I decide this program isn't a good fit?

  • We believe in transparency. Explore the free 1-minute session intros to get a feel for the content. We offer a money-back guarantee within the first 7 days if you're not satisfied.

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