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Slow down to realign

Our most powerful in-person experience that will remind you of what truly matters.

In the pursuit of living a life based on our truest values - the importance of slowing down and giving space to presence is unmatched.

But how can just a week with 10 people completely change our life?

We have done it so many times to know that t’s a combination of many unique elements that are a contrast to our societal norms, but most importantly: it's the depth of the connection, with ourselves and others, that we feel in a safe container that drastically changes us in our core and opens our hearts.

Upcoming retreats

Dessert image by Fabien Bazanegue - Minoma retreats are located in unique sceenery and stunning places like desserts.

8 days | March 24-31, 2024

Taghazout, Morocco

Stunning dessert in Morocco is where Minoma retreats take place - Image by Alex Azabache

8 days | Oct 27 - Nov 03, 2024 | 

Taghazout, Morocco


We create that connection by

going on a journey, together.

The MINOMA framework

1. Slowing down

We believe that in the mists of our (inner) world exploration it's important to balance experiencing so much change with integration - we need to ground down to recenter. 


2. Self-compassion

Understanding ourselves and unlearning our conditioning is an ongoing journey with its ups and down. Curiosity and self-love are the keys to opening our hearts.  


3. Letting go

Allowing ourselves to shed what is no longer serving us and connecting to the infinite wisdom of our body and its capacity to heal itself.  


4. Embodiment

Moving our energy and connecting as a group in a space of joy is a way to embody the versions of ourselves we feel we can be.


5. Envisioning

All thoughts and experiences carry a frequency and energy - by feeling the emotion of the future before it happens our elevated emotional states help us to tap into our vision with increased clarity.


6. Trust

Tapping into trust that our collective intentions and embodied experience will carry out our path of our fullest potential.


It's an intentional journey that not only gives us a completely new experience of how meaningful and connected life can be but also empowers us to follow the path. .


By the end of the week, we feel it.

We feel that the combination of a powerful energetic resonance, deep sense of connection while slowing down is what amplifies our innate power and our trust in what we can create.

In the life we can live.


What our members say

Why does the MINOMA framework work?

1. Embodiment

This is not another business group. We know that Intellectual knowledge without integration through introspection and embodiment is mere entertainment and doesn't change our emotional states nor beliefs. It lacks true potential to accelerate change.


2. Personalisation


We truly care about getting to know the people we bring together. We have extensive calls with every applicant to understand their intentions, goals and stage life - to make sure that we can create the best possible experience for everyone.


3. Energy-first


As intuitive hosts, throughout guiding you through this journey we honor your energy and are attentive towards your intentions, energy levels and preference around personal space - you can opt in or opt out at any point.


4. All-in


Our on-spot team takes care of everything - from the accommodation, meals, and programming to the beat of the music in every part of the day - so you could think less and feel more.


Our programming is intentionally built up but this is also a space for you to share your passion - on each retreat there’s an element of co-creation. As most of us are entrepreneurs we know how important it is to get perspective and support from people we truly align with. We tap into collective power - by mapping out the skills and knowledge we have in the group for additional 1:1 and group sessions to solve personal/professional challenges.


Brainstorming is not our main focus but rather a by-product of this emotional connection that we build up which leads to a genuine willingness to help each other thrive.


On the retreat and beyond.

Image by Heather Shevlin

How does it work?





Going beyond noise - we bring together people who are ready to connect on a deeper, more conscious level.

We prioritize well-being - we know the importance of morning rituals and the sacred space we need to set up our energy for each day.

Investment in yourself - As we are passionate about our work and often support others we need a support circle to maintain our intentions. 

Change of environment - When we are in the process of realigning there's incredible power in radically changing our environment and getting to a new reference point to what's possible. 

New opportunities - the network effect of a deeply aligned community is exponential. 

The shared travels stories, hearing different perspectives, etc. are just the cherry on top. 

Image by NEOM
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