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What if I'm a beginner in meditation? We will determine that on the discovery call. If you’re in the beginning of your journey we will help you map down your experience level and send you free content (courses or guided sessions) to make sure you are familiar with the basics.


What if I'm not an entrepreneur? Feeling like you haven’t found your calling yet? If you’re looking into joining us on an experience we believe it's for a reason. We believe that a passion fuelled life is in the cards for you and that the inspiration you’ll get from the people in YOUR group will light a fire that has always been within you. Your fullest potential will be mirrored back to you.


How is the payment plan and what is the cancellation policy due to Covid-19 After you fill in the application and get selected - the payment is in two parts (50% each): first payment within a week after getting selected and the second payment 3 weeks before the start of the retreat. If you cannot attend the retreat due to travel restrictions we will fully refund your payment.


How much time per day do I have for coworking? We planned our schedule to give you 6-8 hours (min .4h) of uninterrupted work from Monday to Friday. Furthermore the program is flexible. You choose what you want to take part in.


How flexible is the program? For each day we have prepared an intentional program to follow. But you choose what activities you want to take part in. We highly recommend participating in every activity and workshop to get the full experience but as we understand the lifestyle, deadlines come first. Before you arrive or during the experience you can fill out a deadlines sheet where you can mark important calls to make, deadlines to reach during the retreat for us to be aware of your availability.


Are the flights included in the price? The flights and the airport transfer are not included in the price of the experience. We recommend checking the website for good flight deals. We will provide you with a contact to the transfer service company to arrange the best conditions possible.


What meals are included? We are carefully preparing a vegetarian, nourishing menu for the whole retreat beforehand. There are 3 meals a day included: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals will be served buffet-style. A typical breakfast includes fresh local fruits, greek yogurt, granola, honey, eggs and bread. Lunch will be mostly served in a bowl - different types of groats, salads, cooked and raw vegetables, hummus. For dinner expect curries, vegetarian stews, baked vegetables, pasta, rice. There will be unlimited coffee, herbal tea, and spring water available. Before you arrive you will fill out a dietary restrictions sheet so that we can accommodate food allergies and intolerances such as gluten-free and vegan diets.


Can I share a skill/knowledge on the retreat with others? Yes! We love people who want to share their knowledge! Tell us in advance and we will take that into consideration to implement it in the full program. Or get inspired on the spot.


Can couples join? Yes, of course! As long as both of you are engaged in the program. Tell us in advance that you are traveling with someone and if you want to have a private room just for you. We will arrange the best conditions possible.


Do I need to be a nomad to join? No! Our program is open to anyone who is curious, wants to connect on a deeper level, build a strong network, share skills, motivation, support, and travel insights. We highly recommend it for digital nomads, full-time remote workers, entrepreneurs - people with experience in a laptop lifestyle. We also would like to extend the invitation to potential nomads - to experience the lifestyle in a supportive environment with people who already are on the journey. And to get insights and actionable advice from them.


How is the application process? It’s personal! We focus on getting to know you before the retreat! If you are interested in the next retreat we invite you to fill up an application form, where you can share about yourself and your expectations around the retreat. We will carefully go through the applicants to make sure we have the best possible group dynamics on the experience. You’ll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours after the call. The second step to secure your spot is to pay a 50% deposit. The deposit will not be refundable. After that we make sure to stay in touch and give you all the info you need to make sure you have the best possible experience.


What's not included? Flights, visa or passport costs, travel, or medical insurance. *Airport transfer will be organized on request.


Who are the people who have joined? Our community is built by a large group of remote professionals from different fields: marketing, IT, coaching, therapy, photography, online teaching, social media management, copywriting, movement, arts from 26 different countries.


Is it suitable for families? We don’t have experiences that are designed for kids and families.


How can I keep in touch with people after the experience? We stay connected through a retreat group Whatsapp chat. We are launching an upgraded community platform to connect with participants from different editions on 15.03.2023.


Payment plan options 1) 100% downpayment upfront Condition: Paid within one week after being accepted to a retreat (sending either a confirmation (screenshot) of the payment or a tracking link 10% discount from the full price 2) 50% / 50% payment plan Condition: 50% down payment upfront within one week after being accepted to a retreat + remaining 50% payment 2 weeks before the retreat 5% discount from the full price 3) Instalments: 30% / 40% / 40% payment plan (has a 25€ processing fee). Condition: 30% down payment has to be made within one week after being accepted to a retreat, the other instalments are to be scheduled over the next 2 months *On mutual agreement the last payment of 40% can be made up to 3 months after the retreat 0% discount from the full price applies to that payment plan option 4) Customised payment plan Payment plan can be over 6 months: 20% of the payment amount per month (has a 35€ processing fee). ​ Change your destination with no fees up to until 60 days before your experience. Pay only 100€ fee to change your experience date if it's less than 60 days to the experience you've booked.

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