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Guide to MINOMA 2024 Events: Transformative Experiences Await Mindful Nomads and Conscious Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 5

The full guide to MINOMA 2024 Events is here for you! Discover the transformative experiences that await mindful nomads and conscious entrepreneurs. In today's digital world, finding your tribe online is simple. But truly connecting and sharing experiences in person unlocks a whole new level of growth.

MINOMA's immersive retreats and festivals provide a sanctuary for mindful nomads and conscious entrepreneurs to come together, learn, and be guided by the MINOMA framework. 

Join us to realign with your purpose, create an intentional life, and discover your true self.

Five years, 33 retreats, and one festival later, we understand your journey. With that experience, we help you choose the ideal event for your current needs and guide you on how to plan your time and energy around the events.

Discover more about MINOMA 2024 Events.

“The Most Curated Community”

More than just events, MINOMA fosters genuine connection:

  • Personalized Experiences: 30-minute alignment calls ensure you're a good fit for our values. Onboarding prompts prepare you for a transformative experience. Exclusive alumni membership connects you with a supportive community.

  • The MINOMA Framework: This guiding principle invites you to slow down, reconnect, and awaken your true potential. Explore deeper awareness, shed limiting beliefs, and discover your authentic purpose.

MINOMA 2024 Events: What's Coming Up this year?

Get ready for an exciting year with 4 retreats, our yearly festival and an online summit, all designed to support your personal growth and transformation:

  • MINOMA Signature Retreats & Festival (details announced - watch the replay)

  • MINOMA Themed Retreats & Online Summit (mark your calendar for Feb 25th launch party)

MINOMA Signature Retreats in Taghazout, Morocco (March 24-31 & October 27 - November 03)

  • Limited to 10 participants for personalized attention.

  • Hosted by Maris and Annie (March) or Marta and Kasia (October).

Who are these retreats for?

Conscious entrepreneurs or individuals seeking to slow down, integrate inspiration, deepen their intuitive knowledge of self, and connect with a like-minded community.

Wondering how’s the remote work scene and local life in Taghazout? Check our Guide to Taghazout

MINOMA Festival 2024 (November 7-10)

  • A four-day experience focusing on mindfulness, community, and personal growth.

  • Connect with 100 aligned individuals and 20 international energy healing experts.

  • Guided through the MINOMA framework and diverse workshops.

The program is built up carefully to balance group resonance sessions that bring together the whole group (90-100 people) with workshops and sessions in smaller circles of 10-20 people. The experience will include both MINOMA signature sessions and sessions from 20 carefully selected international experts in Energy Healing Modalities. 

Who is this for?

For both retreat alumni and new members. In 2023 approximately 25% of the festival participants had been to a MINOMA retreat before.  

What sets us apart from other nomad conferences and festivals?

  • No keynotes -> instead Experiences

  • No alcohol -> instead Presence

  • No networking -> instead Flow 

  • No stages -> instead circles

Integration is key

After the 2023 festival experience integration was the most frequent conversation topic that arose within the community. If not planned properly a transformative experience can leave us overwhelmed. That's the reason we will create both in-person and online integration programs for the festival. To help you navigate the transformation with ease. 

Planned Integration Programs:

  • In-person: One-day post-festival integration in Agafay (Nov 11th) & Guided Integration Coliving in Taghazout.

  • Online: Additional online programs for sustained transformation.

We highly recommend taking at least 2-3 days off from work after the festival to create space for making an intentional plan for integration that works for you to avoid a feeling of overwhelm. 

Extend your plans after the Festival:

Connect with fellow participants and extend your journey for deeper integration. In 2023, around half of the festival attendees extended their stay for at least a week - moving from Marrakech area to Taghazout - where we spent time in coliving and pop up events. 

We recommend staying a month in Taghazout after the festival to enjoy intentional community events and daily connections that happen naturally in a small village like this - whether you are staying in a MINOMA coliving experience or get a place on your own. 

What's New in 2024?

Stay tuned for exciting announcements on February 25th! Sneak peek: themed retreats for entrepreneurs and an online summit are coming! 

MINOMA 2024 Events: Whether you're seeking a transformative retreat by the Moroccan coast or a vibrant festival with international mindfulness experts, MINOMA has something for you.

Ready to deepen your journey? Schedule a free Discovery call.

MINOMA 2024 Events: Three hostesses of MINOMA, mindfulk nomads, laughing together.
With love, your hostesses Kasia, Marta and Maris 🫶🏼


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