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Aligned and Free: Lessons from a Digital Nomad Retreat (34th edition)

Updated: Apr 9

For many of us, the digital nomad lifestyle goes beyond dreaming of a beach hammock. It is about a deep freedom - a freedom of harmony. It’s about living a life in strong communication with our special gifts and working from a place of inner peace. It’s about feeling less resisted on the road to deeper contentment.

The recent 34th Minoma Retreat is a powerful exploration of this concept. A group of thinking mindful nomads came together to explore the potential for actions to achieve this coherent autonomy through the MINOMA program. Our journey began with a simple, profound question: What happens when we refuse to slow down?

Let's face it, as digital nomads, we're not exactly great at slowing down, are we? The reasons were clear - burnout, feeling disconnected from ourselves and others and turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. We discovered that simply leaving the corporate world for self-employment doesn't ensure freedom if we carry the same pressure and scarcity mindset. However, what if we actually slowed down?

The Digital Nomad Retreat: Slowing down to find yourself

The Minoma Retreat revealed the incredible possibilities that come from taking this seemingly radical step. As we delved deeper, we realized that slowing down allows us to truly understand ourselves better. It's like peeling away layers of noise and conditioning to reconnect with our authentic selves. That kind of authenticity, our authenticity, has been a strong guiding force, shaping our decisions and creating a positive impact on those in our circle.

Digital Nomad Retreat Moments

Photo from MINOMA Retreat 34
Photo from MINOMA Retreat 34

Discovering Meaning as a Digital Nomad: Aligning Your Work with Your Values

The digital nomad retreat was more than just gaining knowledge; it was about establishing a supportive atmosphere. It provided a platform where honesty and responsibility were prioritized. We delved into self-exploration through guided meditation sessions, openly communicated in intimate group settings, and formed deeper connections beyond surface-level conversations. We cried and laughed together, offering each other support through hugs. We were real, open, and sincere, experiencing a variety of emotions as we embraced the opportunity to pause and authentically connect.

The results varied greatly and were beautiful, showcasing the unique qualities of each individual. One person discovered the clarity and bravery to acknowledge that her business had surpassed her capabilities. Embracing this newfound freedom, she pledged to pay attention to her body and intuition moving forward. Another individual, weighed down by a long-held emotion, finally found a safe haven to acknowledge and let go of it, turning this burden into a profound sense of serenity. Surrounded by the loving presence of others, they received genuine guidance and support.

Some people rediscovered what truly matters to them, reassessing their decisions in life that may have been swayed by societal norms rather than personal desires. We saw a resurgence of happiness as individuals reconnected with their physical selves, moving away from overthinking and embracing the present. This change enabled us to reignite our passion for meaningful work without succumbing to stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

Digital Nomad Retreat Moments

Embodied Mastermind session on MINOMA retreat 34
Embodied Mastermind session on MINOMA retreat 34

At the retreat, we were truly impressed by the different talents, decision-making approaches, and viewpoints that were shared. It served as a powerful reminder of our shared humanity. We all crave meaningful connections, being true to ourselves, and living in alignment with our goals. The Minoma Retreat was more than just a learning experience; it was about the positive energy we collectively created as a team - the motivation to move forward together toward a future of mutual liberation.

After attending the Minoma Retreat, we didn't just come back with new resources and a clear purpose, but we also felt a strong bond with our fellow participants. We see ourselves as a group of mindful wanderers, always united by our common exploration of taking it slow, discovering our talents, and embracing a life of authentic freedom. This, my friends, is the real enchantment of the Minoma Retreat. It's not merely about the location, but about the personal growth and positive impact it offers.

These are the things we learned and thought about on the first day of our journey through the MINOMA framework.

We discovered even more throughout the rest of the week. Maybe next year we'll be relaxing under a palm tree, enjoying piña coladas with a new sense of purpose and less stress.

Interested in finding your own aligned freedom?


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