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Borderless Retreat was founded 2018 after realizing how much the location independent lifestyle has the potential to improve the quality of life if it's built on conscious habits and support circles. 

We started building our community in 2019 in Lisbon where we organized co-working days to gather like-minded people for networking, focused work and deeper conversations.

The Borderless Retreat program is developed over many years and is based on Mind Empowerment and Body Empowerment concepts. 

After organising 12 retreat editions we expanded our services to the Coliving sector therefore offering a solution to our community's need for longer-term stays in a mindful setting. 


Our mission is to build a global network of remote professionals / nomads and offer them experiences that focus on:

  • mental and physical well-being

  • creating authentic connections

By 2025 we are planning to have 10+ teams running Borderless Retreats globally.

A timeline showcasing Minoma Mindful Nomads retreats
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