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Hi, I'm Maris!

My most profound transformation in life was triggered by my first 100 hour Vipassana meditation course where i learned the body scan technique to observe my inner experience. It gave me the ability to take distance from my thoughts  and experience inner peace like never before. 

On the retreats i have given several talks and workshops around mindfulness, meditation and other wellbeing practices. I teach different meditation techniques as well as combining the body scan method with electronic music - to ease in to the practice that has the potential to radically transform our lives and open us to more joy. 

Nomadic lifestyle
Besides wellbeing i'm really passionate about the location independent lifestyle and have been nomadic for quite a few years.  My most loved destinations so far have been Lisbon, Bali and the Madeira island. 

I have experienced that the lifestyle can only be sustainable and fulfilling when we find a balance between stability and freedom when we move. I love creating space and helping people to connect on a deeper level where they can be their authentic selves and feel inspired by the endless opportunities life has to offer. 

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