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MINOMA Ambassador Program

Are you a passionate advocate for mindful living, conscious entrepreneurship and personal growth?


Become an Ambassador for MINOMA and join us in spreading the magic of mindful nomad experiences!

How it works:

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1) Apply


Become a valued Ambassador for MINOMA and take part in an extraordinary journey of positive transformation. It's effortless to join – simply follow the link below or locate it in our website footer to register as a partner. We'll have a quick Connection Call to ensure resonance and alignment. Your request will then be approved within 48 hours.

2) Share the Magic 

As an Ambassador, you'll have access to captivating graphics and copy-paste message templates (listed below) for our upcoming retreats and the festival, all ready to be shared with your network. You can find all the locationa and dates for the upcoming events below and wihtin the graphics. Promote these transformative experiences to individuals who resonate with MINOMA values and seek mindful nomadic adventures.

Effortless Promotion - we'll make it even easier for you! Twice a month, we'll tag you in stories, allowing you to effortlessly repost and add your unique coupon code. This code, generated when you sign up, gives your network a 10% discount on our events.

3) Earn 10% Commission

For every successful referral you bring, you'll earn a 10% commission, with the potential to earn up to 169€ per referral! Simply ask your referral to apply for a MINOMA event through our user-friendly application form (where the discount code is applied to the last question). Once accepted, they can easily make their payment on the website through the link you provide.

We've made tracking your referrals a breeze, and the payouts are automatic. Your well-deserved commission will find its way to you without any hassle.

By becoming a Mindful Nomads Ambassador, you play a pivotal role in creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of others.



Can I join the program if I haven’t been to a MINOMA experience and am not part of the MINOMA membership? Yes, the ambassador program is an extension of our referral program and is meant for brands, communities and people who align with MINOMA values. We highly encourage you to join our Premium Membership tho to really feel the essence of MINOMA movement and it’s community vibe.


How do I become a partner in the referral program? Is there a specific registration process or form to fill out? To join our referral program as a partner, simply sign up on the Goaffpro platform by providing your name and email. After a confirmation call and approval of your profile, you will be able to generate a custom discount code to share with your network.


What is the purpose of the "Connection Call"? Is it mandatory for all Ambassadors, and how long does it typically last? The "Connection Call" typically lasts 15 minutes and is designed to ensure alignment of values between us and our Ambassadors.


How will I receive the graphics and copy-paste message templates for sharing with my network? Will they be available for download on the website? You can access the graphics and message templates through the provided links below and within the referral platform under Marketing Tools.


Is there a minimum number of referrals I need to bring in to start earning the 10% commission, or does it apply to all successful referrals? The minimum number of referrals required to start earning the 10% commission is one. A referral is considered successful once the applicant has been confirmed by our team through a discovery call and has made their first payment.


How can I track the status of my referrals to know if they have been successful? You can easily track the status of your referrals through the dashboard within your goaffpro profile. The platform is linked with Wix, so any payments made through the website or clicks on your unique link will be visible in the dashboard.


Are there any restrictions or guidelines on how I can promote MINOMA and the events to my network? Are there any platforms or methods I should avoid using? You are welcome to use our suggested message templates or explore our key messaging to craft your own invitations. We recommend platforms such as LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Facebook groups, and Instagram for promotion.


Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make and the commission I can earn? There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Moreover, when you successfully refer five individuals, we will offer you a free MINOMA experience.


What payment methods are available for the automatic payouts? Is there a specific threshold that needs to be reached before receiving the commission? You can link your PayPal account to receive automatic payouts. There is no specific threshold, and the commission rates range between 55€-169€ depending on the chosen experience type and room type of your referrals.

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