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Hi, I'm Marta!

I was connected with dance and gymnastics from a very young age. At that time the access for building a career in that area in Poland was just starting up. The spark for gymnastics faded but the love and curiosity for dancing kept expanding. I had spent my teenage years learning hip hop, house, waacking, jazz, dancehall, contemporary dance, taking a large number of workshops and participating in dance festivals. There was no other way. I originated the idea of becoming a professional dancer.

The reality of pursuing that path turned out to be different than expected. I was taught a competitive mindset, which originated from the glorification of hard work. The joy of dancing was attached to the result. Everyone was focused on themselves. To be seen. To be unique. To shine. This definitely did not create any sense of belonging or support. Instead created a lot of frustration, self-doubt, and low self-esteem, and ultimately burning out. 

At some point, I decided to shift my career to architecture. Graduated and worked in my profession, but throughout all these years something was still pulling me towards dance. But there was already a major shift in my mindset. Dance became an escape from the noisy mind, from the inner negative narrative. Dance became an antidote for sedentary office life. Dance became an excuse to meet people and connect with them. Dance became a way of treating myself with love and compassion. Dance became medicine.


Now I am crazy about gaining awareness through movement practices. I practice movement daily, with obsession and true passion. I move my body before I jump to my laptop and do the work. It became my routine, my anchor, an opportunity to ground down and notice what is present within, what is coming up, what is releasing. Being in the moment and navigating the relationship you have with yourself, observing your thoughts, emotions, impulses. That is what became crucial for my personal development as a human and a movement coach. This is also why I started to be interested in the concept of embodiment and decided to navigate my education towards that direction.

I mostly work with people who don’t have previous dance or yogis careers. Oftentimes those people are disconnected from their bodies due to a sedentary work environment. They come to the retreat to reconnect with themselves and learn movements which can be beneficial for them. I help them in that process by using practical tools but also by deconstructing their expectations and putting more focus on the journey, than on the results.

I facilitated dozens of conscious dance, Ecstatic Dance and yoga classes in real life and online. I gave several talks introducing the embodiment and presenting short term and long term benefits of the practices I am using.

My sincere goal is to encourage people to shop up for themselves, practice compassion, self-study, and use the movement as the time to go inward. There are lots of things you can discover there, gain clarity and bring that into your daily life. 

Nomadic lifestyle
During the self-discovery process, the decision of pursuing a location-independent lifestyle came up to me very naturally. After 2 years I have learned a lot of lessons and have made many mistakes which taught me more about myself than the previous 10 years of my life. Part of it I am sharing in the video below. 

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